#bakerolla - No more burnt cookies

 Bakerolla Premium Silicone Baking Mat for Cookies and Pastry - Heat Resistant and Non-stick - 11.5 by 16.5 Inches Sheets - Pack of 2 click to purchase.

These are a bakers dream come true, no more searching for parchment, wax, or foil to line the pan in case of burning. My worst nightmare was using candy and it always sticks, from chocolate chips, gummy bears, or hard sugar candy I am trying to manipulate. 

I managed to make soft chocolate chip cookies without a bit of sticking. The biggest feat was to try using the the peppermint candies to make bowls for the upcoming Christmas Eve, trying something festive.

I can't believe how well it worked out for me and the variations of sizes I can now make. There was minimal clean up a basic wipe down so my cookies would not taste like peppermint. This is very easy to clean, store, and use. I recommend this product to everyone that cooks. I received this product for free or a highly reduced price for my honest unbiased opinion and home testing purposes.