Great 8 inch Ozeri Pan

First, I am a fan of these pans so much so that this was one of two that I did not have. I bought sets for me and my mother in 2011, nearly complete sets and mine are still in use daily. Does the pan stick? Not for me, here is a hint treat your products good and they will treat you good. The Greblon German coating on this Organic Green Earth pan is the key. If you are having sticking problems you did not read the instructions fully and saved them to memory. Don't fret you are not alone, my family has a problem doing this and complaining. There is a simple solution, heat your pan up with water while washing other dishes when it simmers take it off the burner and wash it while still warm/hot it will come right out. #ozeri

There will be some wear on your pan after a year, that is normal. If you are worried about the outside looking brand new mix some baking soda and peroxide, make a paste wipe it on the outside and bottom of pan, leave pan face down , let it sit over night and wash it in the morning and there you have your shinny new pan.  I don't worry about how it looks I worry about how it cooks. Never cook on high, there is no reason unless you are making candy although I doubt you do that with this pan. 

Another tip is to season your pans, I do this for all my fry pans. I also use cast iron which make my family  nuts , because they can't figure that out either. Use a good oil, no saturation put it on a paper towel and rub it in then I toss a little sea salt roll it around and dump it out.  There my pan is seasoned as well. I would say that 4 years of using these pans there is bound to be one that is tricky, but work with it. Do not throw them away it can be fixed if you take time.  Contact the company instead of complaining, it is best to find solutions before you lose hope.  

Many people think they can cook at any temperature and this pan should work. Ok let's put that theory to work on other things. Would you use hot water on your delicate clothes then throw them in a hot dryer? Would you shove your "dry clean only" in your washer? Dye your hair and leave it on for an hour when it clearly says 45 minutes? Of course you wouldn't, so then why would you cook on high with this pan?  Medium is great for cooking everything, it doesn't over cook, or stick.  If it does you are a very unlucky person. 

My father was a Chef for many years, I only wish I learned all his secrets before he got Alzheimer's. I would have a book and a half to help up an coming or simple household how to in cooking.  He did use these pans when I first got them, he was not a fan at first until I purposefully burned cheese in it. As I showed him how to clean it he mentioned that it would have been nice back in his day instead of cooking in what they had.  

I received this product for free or highly discounted rate for my unbiased honest opinion and testing purposes.