Quantum Crush Large Herb & Spice Grinder - #1 Best Herb Grinder for Herb Spice Weed - 4 Piece with Pollen Catcher - Premium Aerospace Aluminium - Fine Metal & Fresh Spice Grinder - 2.5 Inches Tall (Black)

I received this product specifically for peppercorns, the teeth on the last one I had gotten could not hold up for daily use I decided to try a different brand as they are all slightly different. I used this grinder all day for prepping and making Thanksgiving dinner. It held up nicely. OK, yes I was supposed to take pictures using it but I was immersed into my cooking; when that happens I am in another world and pictures are the last thing I think of. Now you must trust me when I tell you my honest opinion and use. Then I had an idea, I am always trying to thicken bean soup with ingredients that add calories and wondered what I could do that would be healthy.

Now I am using ground beans, for pintos I grind the beans until near a coarse powder and it thickens without adding my normal amount of sugar or having to take some out and grind up the cooked beans which turns to mush. This little baby #QuantumCrush has no problem chewing through the beans , although it is tedious work the end product is an excellent way to cook with better ingredients, whole, crushed, although all natural. I really tear up these products trying everything I can to make sure they stand up to everything and this certainly did. I have to give this grinder very high marks those beans should have stressed the teeth however it has not. I received this product for free or at a highly reduced rate for my honest unbiased opinion and testing purposes.