Never a Dull Knife

Just in time for the holiday is this Priority Chef two stage knife sharpening system. Grips firmly to the counter top, the first stage uses course sharpening stone for the dullest of knives, while the second stage uses fine sharpening to bring your dull blade back to new. I thought I was going to have to go buy a new set of knives. God love him but my better half had nearly ruined all of our knives by grinding them to near pencil points.  I have a set that was farther back in the drawer I pulled out yesterday and began to sharpen each one. #prioritychef

It is easy to use simply swipe slowly through the first, then second slot and your knife is unbelievably sharp again. I feel like I have a whole new set of kitchen knives. Never again will I have to look at that dingy old sharpening stone or have awkward thin knives. Finally a rounded tomato slice and not a mushed mess.  I will be sharing codes with you so that you too can enjoy this simply yet powerful sharpening system. A full five dollars off of the retail value. Please use the code attached to the pictures. If you don't know what it is I will put it on this page so you can copy and paste with the link I provide.  I received this product at a discount or for free for my unbiased honest opinion and home testing purposes.

Happy Cooking
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