Portable Pain Relief #TENSUNIT

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As a retired nurse, and a previous TENS unit owner I was surprised first at the cost which is a great deal considering the impact of pain relief it can provide. Small and portable does not decrease the intensity of pain relief the Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator - Easy@Home 16 mode portable Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit, FDA approved for OTC Use pain relief therapy device on Shoulder, Waist, Joint, Back, Arm, Leg &morecan stand against any of the old bulky units that once were. I have compared this to several types first is what you receive at physical therapy with a prescription written by your doctor and the price is killer, with this unit there is no guess work and far more explanation then I have ever gotten from a medical facility.

It is as good as the old units, better than the slap on ones you get at the store which fail each time you try. The machine is simple, you charge it until the light turns green, you plug in both leads, or you can do one lead with has two pads at the end of each. In the booklet you receive the last page will give you optimal placement. The machine gives you six different settings (modes) and you can increase those settings until you feel relief. This #TENSUNIT is by far the easiest and most portable than any I have used. There are 16 auto mode procedure mode settings.

The pads wear out time is longer than the older models, and the price is not bad at all compared to the relief it gives. Much like batteries that wear out in any device you buy, they will need to be replaced and that cost is minimal. I received this product at a heavily discounted price or free for my unbiased honest opinion and testing purposes. I found that a small cosmetic bag will fit the machine and all of its components for easy storage. The unit is well made, easy to use, and very affordable for those with pain issues. I would suggest you read the disclaimers and safety information before using the product. I do not find any cons with this product for my personal situation.

Please check with your physician before purchasing or using a #TENSUNIT, there are many reason you should not use it or can cause yourself harm. I will reiterate what the product tells you, avoid if you have " cardiac pacemaker or an existing cardiac condition, implanted metal devices/screws areas of the body, pregnant or suffer from epilepsy. If you have one of the following conditions, please consult with your physician before purchasing or using this device. Any acute disease; tumor; infectious disease; pregnant; heart disease; high fever; abnormal blood pressure; lack of skin sensation or an abnormal skin condition; any condition requiring the active supervision of a physician."  This information is directly quoted from the product information
This is a personal choice of pain management, some choose to use medication I on the other hand do not. Opiod addiction in the USA is at an all time high (no pun intended), when relief can be given by a tens unit if you do not have the above conditions. It can give you the relief of a four hour pill without the side effects. But again this is a personal choice.

I have also used this on my son, he is an amputee and suffers from phantom pain. He describes it as a muscle ache you can never rub out. His intensity is set for a six and on the setting for the tapping which is both EMS and TENS to help relieve those sensations.  

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