Quality Sound Stereo Headphones

Intone I60 Lightweight Folding 3.5mm Stereo Over-ear Headphones Portable Stretch Headsets Earphones Leather Earpad with Build-in Microphone and Control Button for All Smartphones,laptops,tablets,pc,mp3/mp4,psp,ipod (Black/Gold)

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 I wanted this product, because I enjoy good sound without having to listen to everyone in the room. Yes, it is an escape and I enjoy it. The #‎SII60BG‬ Sound Intone, foldable DJ stereo headphones fit the ticket with the in-line mic making it a perfect fit for my iPhone 6, computer and mp4 player. Also fits my Kindles (yes multiple from paper white to fire) . It is sleek, beautiful, well made, with a standard 3.5mm jac, braided wire, foldable, mic remote near the chin level to take calls, put on hold, and hang up. This product is well made, easy to use while walking, hiking, or sitting at home enjoying your music or audio book with the function to pause and answer your phone, once you hand up you can continue where you left off very awesome advantage compared to others I have tried.

While using these headphones, I made several call and received just as many testing the mic and hold feature to answer another call all while listening to Pandora. It was a simple push of the button to hold, again to switch calls and another push to hand up each call then continue listening where I left off. This is the first headset that I have found that possible with. I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to test this product and it did not fall short on my expectations.

Leather cushioned padded headband design allows you to adjust and wear comfortably yet snugly against your head. You can use them in your car, but as a Mom against texting and driving I am hoping this is an option you do not use. It is there, and safe although it it better to be safer and use them once you are out of your car. I just need to allow you the option then make a well informed choice. I received this product either highly discounted or for free for an unbiased honest opinion and testing purposes.