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This is my first experience with a one earpiece Bluetooth wireless earphone, I have however used a double one and they are very different. The mic on the #allreliheadset is very sensitive I can leave it at my cheek and still loud to whomever I speak with, I keep getting asked why I am screaming. I tried turning it down and it helped so I told them to turn their volume down. The quality is great, clear no cracking or breaking up. I am very satisfied with this headset, it gives me hands-free to do anything without having to hold the phone. 

It pairs quickly to most all Bluetooth enabled phones. Again this is a product that makes listening to music is a joy without bothering those around me. I can even have a low-toned conversation without everyone staring at me or hearing my conversation. The package contains, earset, replacement cushions and buds, a charger that hooks to your ear-piece easily charged with any USB port on computer or charger. I received this product for free or highly discounted rate for my honest unbiased opinion and home testing purposes. You will love this product if you are on your phone a great deal, Siri and Cortana responsive.'