Shifter Romance

Cry Wolf Series: Paranormal Romance Box Set: Steamy Shifter RomanceCry Wolf Series: Paranormal Romance Box Set: Steamy Shifter Romance by Sarah Mäkelä
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, if you have read any of my review you know I don't do spoilers. I want you to experience it yourself unless is just is a really bad book. Now S. Makela had me on my toes. Yes, Sarah after the first book I about threw my Kindle across the room, then gave it another chance and read book 2 which made me want to find you and throw my Kindle at you until I ready book three which made much more sense tying it all together, but I wanted more. (insert grin here) That is the point of writing, when you have your reader so involved with complex characters that they need to know what is next. I hope there is another book in this series, because my imagination even stopped and said "you gotta be kidding me, now what happens.. the end you gotta be kidding me" I must applaud the way you grab your reader. It was a good thrill ride.

If you like Shifter romance this is a good read.

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