Dream Essentials® Silk Sleep Mask - Super Premium Black Eye Mask #Dreamessentials has definitely made an excellent product. I have used many sleep masks before but none so comfortable as this one. It is soft, well padded, and blocks out light at every corner. There is no hair pulling, or the feeling of suffocation because of it being too tight.

This fits perfectly over all heads that I could try it on at home, and large heads seem to run in the family. I know that sounds like a joke but everyone having long hair or wearing it in a ponytail can stretch some masks making them not fit properly, this accommodates a larger head full of hair. Turning, or tossing is not a problem either the mask stays in place until you remove it. The soft cool silk eases you into a nice slumber.
I had been up for two days, needed something to help me sleep. I tried teas, oils, warm milk and I could not fall asleep during the day. Until I put on the mask and daylight was gone, soothing music and this mask had me out for four hours of well-needed sleep. I would recommend this to anyone that needs to sleep during the day, or with a partner that won't turn the light out on their side of the bed. I received this product for free or at a reduced rate for my honest unbiased opinion and testing purposes.​