Splendor Splenda

I received this product from #Splenda and #Crowdtap to try and review. I suggest you visit the Splenda website, there are many recipes that will appeal to you.  If you are cutting the sugar intake of your family or yourself this is the best way to try it. It does not have a bitter taste and dissolves easily. There is not after taste and an excellent substitute for granulated sugar or raw sugar. 

On health aspects, anyone with diabetes will love this product as well as all the recipes on the Splenda website. I have my own little cookbook of saved recipes that I am going or have tried. Plenty of heart healthy tips as well. Head on over and check it out.

The conversion for this product is easy, if you use 1 tsp of sugar, use 1 tsp of Splenda, 1 cup for 1 cup. It is the easiest conversion out there.  Enjoy!!

PS..Do not forget your dollar off coupon https://www.splenda.com/products/coupons
This is my own opinion , honest and unbiased.