Sweet N Low


My Crowdtap Mission

This is how my mission starts with #crowdtap and #sweetnlow. I prepared my party for friends and family. I could hardly wait to share the exciting beverages I was going to create for them using the low-calorie sweetener. 

I polished my good glasses and while waiting for my guests to arrive I decided I needed to set up the party area, giving each one a sample and coupon #free to take home and try their own style of beverage swapping out sugar for sweet n low.

Finally, it was time to serve one of the sweet n low drinks, I chose the Skinny Cosmo. Although you can pick yours from the recipes that are available on the site.

Then I was asked to create my own specialty drink and I call mine the  Skinny Ox, both are virgin we don't use alcohol.
This drink has cranblueberry, and pomegrante with a little seltzer water hence the name of the drink Skinny OX