Clip N Read

Clip N Read LED Portable Lamp with Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Travel Light with Clip and Stand Option 

This is the first clip light I have gotten in nearly a decade. To my surprise, it was nothing as I expected, which is a good thing. This Clip N Read can be used for more than reading books.#clipnread

The unboxing, It comes in a nice round sturdy case with a sewn zipper, once opened it is much like the inside of a glucometer case. One side holds the light and a netting half covering the other is a place to store the charging cable. The directions are simple, concise and easy to read. To charge your light you do not need to unwind, simply insert the USB cable and connect to either your PC or an outlet with USB capabilities. It will start a red light, then the light at the port will turn green when charged. Remove and store the cord.

I did not need mine for my ebook reader, I have Paper White and a Fire which are bright enough without a light however I tend to write during the night and wee hours of the morning. If I turn on the over head light it will bother everyone in the house since it is the center of the house they all get a bit sneaking through their doors. I know I have been yelled at to go to bed enough I needed to find something to keep them asleep and myself productive. I can't help when my thoughts or ideas decide they want to flow. If you have ever typed in the dark you will understand, although once you get started you don't need to look at the keyboard, but believe me in the dark your sense of direction is terrible.

I unwound the light and clipped it to the side of the keyboard, I was amazed at the brightness of the light although not so bright that it lit up anything except my workstation. It did well but a slight snafu with tilting, then I realized it is also a stand alone light. I simply clicked the snap and stood it next to the keyboard and found a perfect way to complete my tasks. When you are finished you simply flip the on/off switch and wrap the flexible neck around the device then snap the light in its original position. Although the company tells you that you have 8 hours of light I have been using it for 12 and still have a bright light.

I have loaned it out to the family that works on crafts such as cross stitch, building tiny model cars, and other crafts. Of course, everyone now wants one, so this is a perfect gift giving idea for any time of the year. I received this product at a highly reduced rate or for free for my unbiased honest review and testing purposes. These are my opinions and I have not had contact with the company.