Excellent Noise Cancelling

I was very pleased to receive this product after trying several different types this one with it's multi function capabilities really has me hooked. Easy set up and pairing with your devices, it can handle more than one which I find very handy. I did however have a hard time at first after pairing hearing another party on the phone, not sure if it was me or the other person. It is a sporadic thing. Although I have no problems with music, walking and listening with any of my devices.

Product - device, accessories for ear buds and charger with instructions.Pairing- Power on with multi-function button press and hold for a count of five, make sure Bluetooth is on you will see TALON click and connect.Charge either to your PC, Laptop or USB plug. Charging red LED light stays on, when charge complete the red light turn off.

ProsEasy PairingClarityComplete Noise cancellingFits comfortable yet snugMany attachments from soft to hard ear budsLightweightSleek

ConsSporadic problem with some phones, not sure why it is probably user problems (new product, learning)

With multi-function button I have nearly lost my mind, now I will explain all the errors I made inadvertently. I am attempting to become more tech savvy; just as soon as I think I have it figured out I manage to mess up. That key has cut off people, blared music instead into my ears which are sensitive since I have holes in both ear drums, not a nice thing to happen. Once I get used to the product I am sure this will all work out. I can say enough about the slick design and how easy it is to forget you have it on. I can block out the world and enjoy my music, talk on the phone, dictate to Siri and my speech to text app works wonderful with this product. I am not sure I could ask for any more than this product provides. I received this product at a discount or free for my unbiased honest opinion.#FirebirdPremiumTALON