Killer Pursuit

Killer PursuitKiller Pursuit by Jeff Gunhus
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I enjoyed this read very much, Gunhus has always kept my attention during a story and this was no exception. I received and ARC so there will be no spoilers other than what the author has already written about the book. The one thing that is a constant in his books are the "reality" feels to his writing. When I say that it means does he have some inside scoop on things going on in a society that the rest of us are not privileged enough to know?

I liken this to Scandal meets CSI Cyber, you have a bit of both world colliding at the speed of light until they combine into one. He has a strong female lead character with flaws, but excellent at her job. She gets to close, maybe she will be next? Once you enter the political circles of sin there is no telling what you will find, or who.#killerpursuit

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