More Than A Duffle

This is the second product I have received from Dot&Dot, I could not be more pleased with this strong nylon and netting on this bag. It far more durable than the average duffle bag, this is what I call luggage carrier. I could pack my entire wardrobe and then some in this bag. When you receive it you will think maybe they made a mistake however once you unzip the outter zippers it unfolds into a huge bag with pockets on each end one with netting the other is not. One end will fit my laptop nicely.

The handle grips are secure, sewing is excellent. I am just amazed at the size. I have several duffel bags this one makes them look very meager in comparison. The strong zippered pack it comes in should not be disregarded as it can be used as part of the packing process, such as lotions, makeup, or any other item you are afraid of leaking. If I am not mistaken it is about 6mil thick plastic with the logo on the front. #travelbag Folds back into a small package, making it a space saver.

ProsDurableStrong nylonHandle GripsNetting pocketLarge Packing areaSturdy Zippers


Not a carry on luggageIf packed as full as you can it will be heavy

I received this product at a highly reduced rate or for free for testing purposes and my unbiased honest opinion.Although even without my review this bag speaks for itself. This company makes excellent quality products.