Pure Peppermint

Peppermint Essential Oil by Simply Earth - 15 ml, 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade 

I was glad to be offered this product at a discounted rate just when I was about to purchase more. This is my honest unbiased opinion about the product and how well it does or does not work. This company also uses part of its proceeds to help in preventing human trafficking. I very much enjoy working with companies that give back instead of worrying about the bottom line of the dollar. #simplyearth

Peppermint essential oils have been used for a thousand years in the treatment of asthma and this year it has been a terrible year for me. When my inhalers are not working as they should I can always count on my diffuser and a few drops of peppermint oil to help calm my wheezing and allow me to breath more normally. I am used to getting a very small bottle and pleased that this bottle was a 15ml instead of the smaller 10 ml I am used to.

Other uses for Peppermint Oil include calming the mind/body during an anxiety attack or panic attack try using some it will sooth and relax as long as there is no outside stimuli (kids yelling, construction etc.) lay down and slowly breathe while inhaling the air (use a diffuser). I have been told to use it on my aching muscles during spasms, but the overwhelming smell can also be obnoxious when used topically. It can help with bad breath and stomach issues such as nausea. Although I have never tried it as an adult my grandmother used to give it to me as a child. I do not remember, but this is a product our family uses on a regular basis. 15 ml may not sound like much, but it will last you the better part of a year.

I know that people use it to deter rodents and bugs of all sorts. It is easy to drop a few drops (no more than four) into your cleaning solution and mop floor. It is the easiest distribution and bugs hate it. I like using high-grade essential oils to replace pharmaceuticals it is a practice called homeopathy. I would rather put something natural in my body and not have the side effects of additives to medications. I have given you a few uses that I currently use it for, but I am sure you will find a use for it since there are far more than I mentioned.