Recorder, thumb drive and more

aLLreLi CP0341 2-in-1 8GB Mini USB Voice Recorder [Gray] - Portable Rechargeable Digital Spy Dictaphone & USB 2.0 Flash Drive for Recording Interviews, Meetings and Students Learning 

I adore this company, they make the most awesome equipment you could imagine. This is yet another technological wonder the 2 in 1 8GB mini voice recorder or thumb drive whichever you decide to use it as is up to you
It also can be used as a spy device, I am all about privacy and see no need to do this, but whatever you want to do with it clearly up to you.

It is the size of a thumb drive, looks like one and no one would know any different unless you told them. You can record once you charge the device. I gave it the full three hour charge before using the voice recorder. I can hold my thoughts in the recorder until I am ready to transcribe into text. I tried to use a speech to text program, but I talk to fast for it to recognize and there is no pause or repeat button, but I wanted to see if that would be an option. This would be great for seminars, classes, symposiums and meetings. There is a simple little switch on the end that turns it off and on.

It can hold documents, movies, and photos as well. Easily reformatted from your PC or Laptop in that respect there is not difference between this device and a normal thumb drive. I purposely searched out this device for recording purposes and it has not let me down. I have used and reformatted twice and still the clarity is great. This would be great for medical professionals that still dictate patient records or note keeping while in the hospital, writers, bloggers, and anyone that wants to keep a journal. It is much easier to carry and use than the old hand held recorders with a million tapes laying around. I am more than pleased with this product. I received this product at a highly discounted rate or free for my honest unbiased opinion and testing purposes.#cp00341review