Reliable Jump Start

Rocket Socket Ultra-Portable Compact (Power Bank Charger and 12V Car Battery Jump Starter) with 400 Peak Amp Emergency Flashlight Supply for Motorcycle 

When I received this product I was sincerely surprised. The abundance of equipment it holds was a very pleasant surprise. I have the jumper cables, a spider of cables to link up to whatever device I may need to charge from my iPhone to my iPad, it also fits most of the families cell phones, there will be no more excuses of dead phones in this family. You can charge the power bank if need be buy the cigarette lighter, which is an excellent feature living in a colder area where snow storms that are supposed to be minor end up being many more inches than predicted.

I did not get this as a personal present although it would not be a bad idea for everyone to have one stashed in the car, but you must remember to charge every three to six months to make sure the power bank has power going to it. It is an easy process it also comes with an external charger you start with AC charger and fully charge your power bank. Then you are set to go. It has a bright enough flashlight built in that using it in the dark would not be a problem.

Does it work jumping a hybrid Prius, yes. Did I tape it, no. Why, because when it happened we were not at home and it was a matter of getting it done and it did not cross my mind. Getting out of the cold and off the dark rural road was my utmost concern. Small car, no lights, rural road, Friday night makes for a very dangerous position. We needed started and out. For those of you who do not have a hybrid or know about a Prius and jumping it well here goes. The battery is in the back under the hatchback beneath the cover NEVER jump from your battery. Go to the hood, lift it and lock it, on the right-hand side there is a black box with latches, yes it is hard to open for a reason. It does open and inside you will see a bunch of things, but look for the red button, lift it and an exposed screw like thing will be there (remember is is red) red to red, then there is a metal bar running across put the black to the metal bar. Pretty much any metal under the hood will work. Get in the car and push the button, and there you have it. Your car will start up.

After you bring all your things back into the car, make sure it is zipped and secured where everyone knows where it is. This is a life saver and I mean for real, it was one for us before I even thought about writing this review. Why did my battery die, well someone left a car door open and the dome light was on sucking the power out of the car while we took pictures, a couple hours of that will kill a hybrid quickly. The key is after you get it started you must run it a cycle, a cycle is a 20-minute drive going, at least, 40mph. You can watch it on your monitor as the battery begins to charge up,


Works excellent

Charges fast

Jumps Quickly


Extra charging capabilities for accessories

Always on hand

ConsIt does not fit in my pocket

I received this product at a highly reduced rate or free for my unbiased honest opinion and testing purposes. I am planning on buying a second to keep around the house just in case. Since it is on sale I would be amiss not to. Prime members will notice even a bigger discount, this is a must have for everyone. The Con is not really any significant con ​if I had it in my pocket and the car was gone then what? It does not fit in my glove box as the Prius is a small car and everything in it is smaller than average. It does, however, fit under the center console. #JumpStarter