The Doctor is In

After visiting the local Heathspot Station I was pleasantly surprised at how sanitized it was. I called ahead of time and was told to make an appointment unless I was getting my vitals checked then I could come on in, because that is a free service.  Since I was curious about making the appointment the attendant told me it allowed for people not to have to wait to see the doctor and explained to me that it was on TV and fondly called "Doc in a Box".  Much like Doctor on demand. 

I personally received the free vital check and a tour of the little facility, as a retired nurse I thought that this was ingenious to have. It is private, one on one, someone there to help you in person to understand the tools you will be using and after each visit the cubical is sanitized. No one with a chronic medical condition will be able to go, it is for minor problems such as a headache, ear ache, cough, sore throat or allergies. Any other problems will be directed to either their personal physician or the local emergency room.

Once you are seen and IF you need a prescription it will be sent directly to the Rite Aid pharmacist on the spot and you can pick it up before you leave. How wonderful is that?   These are currently in trial phase in Ohio, but I hope they soon reach across the nation. There is nothing worse than having an earache, sitting for hours in the ER only to find out three days later from sitting in that same ER you caught the flu bug.  With Healthspot that is a non issue. 

They accept most insurances and check in is an easy process.  I hope you visit one when you are in Rite Aid. Below you will find more information.