Digital Scale

Pyür Kitchen Digital Scale - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Food Scale (1g to 11lb) Excellent product I give it 4.5 stars but there is no room for half stars on this format. This small sleek design is a plus for any kitchen. It comes with batteries included however you must open the back and remove the protective covering from the batteries, yes there are two. So, if your machine does not come on open it back up and remove the second layer of covering which encases each battery. I only mention this because it is an error I made when first using it. A really bright idea and save on battery life during transportation.

The weighing is right on when using raw ingredients, it does not take away package weight so it is best if you remove your product from its packaging if it has any. It can weight up to 11 pounds, small enough to tuck away and sleek enough to be on display. It weighs in grams, ounces, kilograms, and pounds. The price is excellent, compared to others and the last one I bought. I, however, do like if it could take off for the packaging, but then I am spoiled. This is wonderful for recipes needing exact weight, dieting for correct weighing and an overall good buy for any kitchen. The function keys on the front bottom, to the left, is the unit button, this changes how you want to weight, lb, oz, kg or gr, the buttons on the right are the on/off button and taro which will zero out so you can reweigh whatever you choose. I received this product for free or a highly reduced price for my unbiased honest opinion and testing purposes. I look forward to more products produced by this company. You will be delighted with your purchase as I am. #PyürKitchenDigitalScale-MultifunctionDigital