Nice Phone Wallet

The Taken iPhone cover is unlike any of the billfold type cases I have gotten before. The product is lightweight, easy to handle and the phone pops right in. If you are looking for a shock resistant case this is not it, this is more of a utilitarian use product. I don't have to take my purse with me if I am running quick errands instead I take a couple credit or debit cards and some cash with my phone.

The magnetic closure is perfect not once have I smacked myself in the face with the closure while answering the phone as I have with other similar products. I like that it leaves my buttons open and not covered, and the divets in both ends. It allows me to stand my phone even if it was not intentional. If you do not use your phone often this case will last you a while, if you use it constantly you will begin to wear it down. It is not leather as it looks, but I did not want it to be leather nor did I expect it. I am fickle and change my phone case often. There are various reasons I do this, one is primarily I get tired of an old one or it is too heavy, Other reasons are that I will change it when I change purses so that they match. Currently, I am using a blue purse, hence the blue case. I received​ this product at a highly reduced rate or free for my honest unbiased opinion and personal testing purposes. I have no affiliation with the company other than purchasing products these are my own opinions and thoughts.