Safe to Eat?

Digital Meat Thermometer By ~ Cafe Whizz ~ Perfect for Meats ~ Poultry ~ Wine-making ~ Deep-frying ~ Candy ~ Babies Bottles ~ Accurate ~ Smoker ~ Long Steel Probe ~ LCD Screen ~ 100% Lifetime Guarantee

I was pleased to have this product at hand. I have used it several times and hate to say I forgot I was supposed to review it. Opps my bad, it is such a wonderful cooking tool it felt natural to use it, that I would have it in my kitchen at any moments notice. So, by now this has been used to test chicken, pork, beef, water for my French Press, and many other things such as testing if a pie is cooked, custards done and the like. #DigitalCookingThermometer

There are many times I have eyeballed or could smell when things were done according to smell, which is usually right on. Alas, I was wrong ONCE the rest of the time I am on the spot. It happened to be chicken thank you Cafe Whizz for this excellent product. There are several buttons, on/off  button, hold, change from F to C, and max/min. Unless you are a culinary artisan I am only concerned with on/off  and the temp buttons. It is simple and easy to use, the stainless still rod slips in quickly and washes off with soap and water to be stored until its next use. I did note that I like my coffee rather hot compared to others.  Not that it matters, but was unsure why my mouth was always sore could be that I am scalding my mouth daily. 

I have found other uses, such as milk temp for baby formula, elderly, and young children to make sure they too are not getting scalded by the food you are giving to them. I received this product at a highly reduced rate for my honest unbiased opinion and testing purposes.