Garnier Whole Blends

Garnier Whole Blends

Garnier as pure as nature itself. #‎WholeBlends‬ ‪#‎GarnierCrowd‬ ‪#‎sponsored‬ Thank you +Crowdtap  for allowing me to try this product it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. 

The first thing I did was share the product with others. I was asked a simple question to which the only answer was share.  A couple of men in my life wanted to know why I only chose women to try the product?  What was so special that they too could not have great looking hair. As I said, the only answer to this one was to share. The positive feedback and detail they gave may make me rethink which people I choose to share products with. 

Honey Treasures Shampoo

The first noticeable thing about this whole blends product Honey Treasures Shampoo is the smell, it is fresh, clean and wholesome. Good lather, nursing, easy rinse and the product felt good after it was used. I do not like to blow dry due to split ends and this product did not leave a gummy residue on my hair compared to an expensive product I use now. Not only am I saving money my hair will be stronger and damage from other products can be healed.

Just as the shampoo of the same name this did not weigh my hair down or make it feel sticky, limp, nor over conditioned which I find with my current product. I did not have to rinse for a long time. It has been only since using the whole blends that I have been able to run a comb through my hair after I condition. It may not sound like a big deal although my hair is long and very thick this is a definite plus for me because I am usually pulling out a handful of hair after a conditioning. I felt as if I was using something more natural, healthy and great for my hair.

Coconut Water and Vanilla Milk Shampoo

This product did as described it helped to soften my hair, but not to the point of feeling over conditioned. I enjoyed most of the experience, the smells are not overpowering but are present. I happen to love the coconut but you can smell the hint of vanilla which was not harsh but it was there. My hair did get softened and replenished.

Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter Shampoo
Whole Blends Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter Shampoo hands down this is my favorite of all the blends. The smell reminds me of summer, blends well with my creams I use for my body. Clean great smelling hair at a fraction of what I usually spend is an awesome plus. I did not have to use a frizz control product which saved, even more, money. If this blend has taught me anything it is that expensive is not always better for your hair to get the desired results. This will definitely be the Whole blend I will continue to use.

This product left my hair soft and smooth, although my hair is thick I did not have to put a lot in my hair as I did my current product it still managed to get my hair detangled and smoothed the frizz. I am so delighted to have been able to use this product cutting out the expensive hair stripping, non-working defrizzing product I used and will now use this whole blends Coconut Oil and Coconut Butter Conditioner, this is the smell of healthy and summer mixed. I can actually say I enjoy this conditioner.