Beautiful Earrings

Weiss CZ Studs Rhodium Plated - Simulated Diamond Basket Prong - Cubic Zirconia Earrings - Bridal, Wedding, Prom, Party, Pageant, Evening Wear, Party Wear (6mm)
I received these at a discount for my unbiased honest opinion. First, I
am pleased to be part of this journey the Weiss CZ Studs are durable
and they don't have that fake dull pasty glue look to them that many
CZ's have. These are clear and vibrant. I dislike large jewelry as it
always looks fake or you are trying to impress someone. I know these
are for pageants, weddings, graduations and all sorts of celebrations
however I love them for everyday wear. Usually, it is hard for me
to find a nice studded earring that doesn't turn my ear green or
cause some type of reaction. I did not have that with these. I have
been wearing them day and night since I received them. I am not a
woman that removes her jewelry for bathing or sleeping. They have
weathered both without a problem. The stem does not stick me in the
neck, nor does the back get loose so far. I am pleased with this
product and have even had a couple compliments from people asking me
what I did to deserve the earrings. I said nothing except thank you.
That always makes me giggle, what did I do to deserve them? It seems
as though people think if you are not with someone that there must be
someone hiding somewhere buying you jewelry so, just for the record
when women get jewelry it also can mean they bought it themselves and
no doing anything is needed. If you have double or triple pierced
ears these make a nice compliment to hoops and dangles. I hope you
are as pleased with your purchase as I was. I will reiterate my
disclaimer I received these at a discount for my unbiased opinion and
review purposes.  Beautiful #czearring