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Casket Etcetera Cremation Ashes Glass Urn Necklace

I am going to start this review with a story, many may not understand or think I am morbid none of which is the case. My mother passed away about 18 months ago, my father talks about dying daily and this brought about my own thoughts on my demise. I have done as my parents and made my wishes known. I do not want to be buried, nor do I want my ashes stored in a jar in someone's house. I can't do that it seems odd to me.

This is where the story comes in. The objective is you can have a little of my ashes if you see fit. My son wants to press me into a diamond? OK, whatever works for you. My daughter, however, wants to put me in some kind of lava stone light thing! Oh, no I am not having that. That is just flat out gross, and weird. So, my option came up to purchase something I would feel comfortable with. This necklace is perfect. It is an hourglass shape, comes with two toothpicks and a funnel.

My concern is this, she can do this herself since they are bringing home my ashes to spread off of a mountain. When I went to pick up my mother's remains it was a very surreal experience where I felt as if I would pass out. I am not the cry baby type and have yet to do so. The world was closing in, my daughter is much like myself and still cannot bring herself to touch the urn. So, I contacted the funeral home and as long as she brings in the necklace they will fill it for her for a cost, which I feel is optimal.

This ornate necklace would never be mistaken as an ash urn or keepsake urn. My only hope is that she can keep it together enough to wear it. I know that I would, so I am going to purchase two and have my parents name engraved on the side. I will keep them both on the same chain. I know that many may think this is odd, but these two people became the center of my world when I was born. Mother left quickly with grace, my father well we are pretty sure the last people on earth will be him and the cockroaches. Inside joke for the family, since he has overcome to the odds of many diseases.

I suggest you check out the entire line of products this company has, I am perplexed to get the same or switch them up.

Disclaimer – I received this product for free for my honest unbiased opinion. I have no affiliation with this company.