Pruning Shears

[[ASIN:B00CD2WB3C Haus & Garten Pruning Shears - Titanium Bypass Hand Pruner]]The first thing I checked when I received these shears were the balance and weight. My reasoning is I am very clumsy and tend to drop, and talk with my hands while I am pruning and may a pain have gone flying across the yard. There were many questions that were answered after the first time I used these shears. Perfect weight, balance and grip whereclassistitaniumbypasspruningshears‬ausandgarten‬ of good quality. The blades are VERY sharp, so it goes without saying to keep them away from kids.‪#‎hausandgarten‬ ‪#‎classistitaniumbypasspruningshears‬

I have a drawer full of well-meaning pruning shears that need to be sharpened after one go round of two days pruning rose bushes, raspberry, black berry, and the odd wild grape vines. I was so pleased with this pair that it did not give me trouble during the massive wild rose bush that has become nearly uncontrollable this season. I am only half way through and will finish hopefully later today, but this bush had done in many a shears. It was eight foot wide and twice as long. I am usually able to keep it contained, however I am aging and this mess has got to go. The conundrum was getting to the base without being ripped apart by the branches to which I refer to as the fingers of evil.

They did not let me down this year, still recovering from a gopher hole spill and still able to flip the safety and toss the pruning shears without damage to the shears, however I am contemplating the finish today.  They have not gotten gummy, or stained, they are still very sharp, by now I would have stopped to sharpen them but not with this pair.  I have the Pro Series that come with the little tool that loosens the screws to adjust for my comfort of cut which is a given on most hand tools since my hands are a little smaller than some, they fit my son's preference so I gave him the shoddy pair while I kept my Haus and Garten shears. Excellent experience with pruning.

I am no pro, just a woman with a great many wild rose bushes, berry bushes and grape vines that need tending each year. I often buy whatever is on sale at the local Home Depot or Lowes which leaves me with a drawer full of asking someone to please sharpen them.

*Disclaimer – I received this product for free for my honest unbiased opinion and testing purposes.