Detox and Cleanse

I drink two things the most coffee and tea, teas I use to detoxify and cleanse my body. Although I had first thought of getting this as a gift for someone, but I opened it then could not help myself. I used it, not ashamed, maybe next time my friend. This is a uniquely awesome gift, both the #Tumbler and teas. It is hard to pick which is the best part of this gift set.

Teas- several types and each has a different flavor. These are a premium blend and rich with flavor. I suggest trying each one until you find which one is your favorite. Mine is the White tea blend. Each packet has the brewing temperature on the back with the instructions.

Tumbler heavy tempered glass perfect for brewing your tea. I have never seen tea made this way. You open your prepackaged tea and pour it into the tumbler, pour the water over it . I like to swirl my water so that it saturates evenly. Screw the lids on first is the filtering lid that keeps the tea from coming out when you drink, then the second which allows it to brew (I call it steeping). Depending on how dark or strong you want your tea is how long you allow it to sit. Yes, there are some suggested time limits, although not everyone likes their tea the same, these are only suggestions, not rules.

I have tried two things and both work wonderfully with the tumbler. First, I drank my tea warm which is nice on a cool morning or evening. When it is hot outside I enjoy a tall glass of iced tea, so I pour it over ice and have a delicious glass of cold tea. My next is to try the sun brewed and see what happens. You may also use your specialty teas that you buy at your favorite tea store or at the grocer. There is a great red zinger that I appreciate drinking it seems to calm me the most instead of using coffee I will substitute with tea in hopes of decreasing anxiety and stress.

Disclaimer- I received this product for free with the promise of an unbiased honest opinion and testing purposes. My opinions are my own and suggestions may differ from the company.