Advil Film-Coated

Advil - Film-Coated R

I have tried all of the types of Advil, and simply enjoy the relief with coated tablets that do not irritate my stomach. I am a homebody due to medical issues and refuse Opioids, yet find some relief from Advil so that I can complete the things I enjoy. It helps all my inflammation from arthritis to inflammation in my muscles and back pain. This relief makes daily activities bearable ! I know it doesn't sound like much however with chronic pain it seems a wonderful thing to add to my life. I will continue to take it daily. 

How has Advil® Film-Coated helped you continue to pursue your passions? My hands cramp and joints lock with Advil film coated pills help to decrease the inflammation and ache that comes with it. Virtually pain-free keeping household budgets in order and balanced ‪#‎fastadvilfanatics‬ ‪#‎sponsored‬