Organized Cosmetics

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Why did I want this product, first I have a major dysfunction for organization and I have bought several of these type Travel bags that can be zipped and my things are out of the way and not on display for everyone. I know we all have had that one person that visits and goes through your cabinets or uses the restroom while gazing at your things. To me, that is very annoying and intrusive. These bags keep different things for me, this particular one is holding my make-up and anything to do with my face.

I took pictures but took out the products because I am not trying to sell those products nor do I want anyone to know what I have or use. Yes, it does sound terrible but that is what I do. The left side holds all my brushes and does not ruin the brush heads, right side holds my spin brush and facial wash full size and there is a pocket on the outside for any single wipes you may need to use. Both sides zip completely with sturdy zippers, one gave me a slight problem although that is a normal occurrence on many new zippers a little soap will cure that quickly. The center holds my full-size creams, micellar water, and toners. The bigger pocket in front holds my cosmetic bag itself holding all of my products. There are also two large zippered net pockets to hold your sponges, both wedges, and cotton makeup sponges. The top one is holding my facial morning spritzer and several chapsticks.

The very top has a hook that as you can see hangs nicely on a hook on the back of the restroom door leaving everything open and exposed easily in reach without searching through several bags. Once completely zipped there is a top sturdy handle that will allow you to slide it on a shelf or in a drawer without a problem. There is no need for labeling since the side of the bag has a picture of what is in the bag.

Conclusion- What makes this bag different than others? I like that I can use full-size products, you can use it daily, zips and stores away quickly and it is waterproof.

Disclaimer- I received this product for free and was asked to test and review this product with an honest unbiased opinion, these opinions are 100% my own and reflect how I use this product. I am in no way affiliated with the company other than using this product. I am very familiar with travel bags and overall I find this one to be specific for me to cosmetics although I am sure you can find a use if you do not own cosmetics.