Keeping your skin hydrated

AVEENO® Body Yogurt

This post was sponsored by Aveeno® as part of a sampling activation for Crowdtap. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

  AVEENO® Body Yogurt Lotion and Yogurt Body Wash Apricot and Honey is one of the best new ideas I have tried. It smells great, looks like yogurt which completely took me aback. How could this be better than the same treatment I have been using for over forty years help at all? I was almost positive this would not change my mind, but I was wrong. It fit in perfectly with my nightly routine. We all know to keep our bodies hydrated by consuming water, watch the coffee intake because it will dehydrate your body. Increase your water by each ounce of coffee you drink. Get plenty of rest. Often our bodies don't get the sleep it needs especially with the change in time. Our internal clocks need reset as well. Set up a routine with the new time and consistently follow it. A nice warm shower or bath before bed with your AVEENO® Body Yogurt Lotion and Yogurt Body Wash Apricot and Honey will also help do the trick. Your skin is silky smooth with a calming honey and apricot smell that is simply heavenly. When using the body wash lather completely and rinse. You will be in awe at the smoothness already. Right before bed I apply my AVEENO® Body Yogurt Lotion Apricot and Honey, a little will go a long way. The soft suppleness it leaves behind is great.