Great product, I wanted this because I am in a home I use different products and cleaners. Three mops a must and two brooms one for upstairs another for porch/basement. The holder also has sturdy hooks for dustpans and stiffer type dusting handles. It holds up to 35 pounds.

I will add pics and you will notice I hang them opposite as described. The reason, if mops are wet or broom is dusty I would rather clean the floor than I would scrub a wall. Yes, the grip is tight enough you can flip your brooms either way without worry.

I did have a problem with screws, this was a house manufacture issue. I had to use three-inch screws due to hidden wall add on and the house is very old. Suggestions make sure you use a level and stud finder for at least two screw holes preferably the ends. Very pleased with the room I saved.
Tools you need an auto screwdriver or drill, level and stud finder for security. This is my honest opinion written on my own volition.#BerryAve